Hollywood Vanity Makeup Mirror Tabletop or Wall Mounted

Dui sodales, sive Speculum Heroicum vanitas Hollywood Moffeti Ergo Wall Mounted

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★ Kinds of Setting Up, Wall Mounted / Tabletop Vanity Mirror. The Makeup Mirror Is Versatile Since It Can Be Placed on A Makeup Desk or Hung on The Wall, The Legs Are Easy to Attach with The Screwdriver That Was Included.

★ Large Long Lasting Countertop / Wall Mirror. Overall Frame, Strong, Solid Feel with Metal Frame And Wooden Base, Gorgeous And Superior Reflective Mirror Built to Last with Top Quality Material,No Need to Exchange The Bulbs.

★ With Warm Light ( 4000K Color Temperature) / Daylight (6000K Color Temperature) Settings And Adjustable Brightness. Vanity Mirror Is Replaceable Design, Provide Enough Brightness to Makeup in Dark. It Is Soft and Not Dazzling.Makeup.

  • Model Number: L606H
  • Praesto colores argenti albi
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    VANUM essentialis celebrities rutrum Artist REDDO


    Si autem vis ad summa professionalem rutrum in rutrum praeter artes, tunc enim essential is this professional rutrum Speculum, quod stella necnon opus ipsius professionis rutrum artifex uti.


    Sollicite singula attente BEAUTME- product2

    Earrings Wearing

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    Beauty Makeup

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    wall mirror

    Wall Mounted Similar Speculum Heroicum vanitas et Moffeti

    Si vos postulo ut dependeat in eo delapsum basis est removere, et paratus.

    Speculum sit aut coniungere cum basi lignea desk ad resistere super.

    magnifying mirror

    Speculum 10X magnificare |

    I delapsum cum PCs 10X magnificatio medicamine speculum sine macula.

    Fac tibi tanto rutrum in quo conflatur.

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    An Gift Unique ad Women et Puellae

    Donum enim unique homines sint, qui est maxime momenti in populus. Vide quam non dabo vos ultra iudicavit.

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    In Hollywood style in orci, speculo Romani Salon exclamem, Ver quippe orienti datur, quia stella Lorem AIDS in orci, rutrum et Artist.

    Fieri Petierit in frame aluminium offensionibus De GENEROSUS Artus Base et lignea, et spectat altus-gradu Magis Sanctus. Da A te tua forma DEFUNCTORIUS Per stella sentio.

    Quid vos postulo Speculum Heroicum vanitas est cum Gloria rutrum?

    Si Vis tu habere Pro Exquisitus Dui sodales, in Additio ad Make-Up Techniques, luminibusque distinxerit Speculum Heroicum vanitas est.

    Locus niger et lux cum Speculum Heroicum rutrum in faciem lux sufficiat, non erit proportio A umbra, de rutrum de Perficite, ut unicoloris. Is mos sino vos ut specie tua et pulchritudine Complete DEFUNCTORIUS benedicebant.

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  • Product material: aluminium offensionibus Vitri + + + Vestibulum Vocal + + fiberboard Mdf

    Material basi, basi ligneus

    Material setim compingite, Aviation - Gradus Aluminium

    Candor lucis: Vocabulary, adjust splendor Long Press, Fove lux lucis &

    Potentia: Plug-in nibh nectunt: dc12V / 1B

    DUXERIT luminaria colorem: & lux calida Yellow lux diei, 14pcs DUXERIT luminaria Dimmable

    De / On: Cie sensorem Ne tetigeritis, adjust splendor Long Press

    I Speculum 1.with PCs delapsum 10X magnificatio macula medicamine

    Disco 2.with duplex via disco ad portum hinc

    3.Product ratio: DCXX C * 512mm * (24.41 'X3.94 "X20.16")

    4.Frame ratio: DC D * 25mm * (23.62 'X19.69 "X0.98")

    5.Glass ratio: III DLXXXIX * 489mm * (23.19 'X 0.12 "19.25 X")

    DUXERIT luminaria 6.with 14pcs Dimmable

    Details packaging, Ep spuma + Box Sarcina

    Plug-in I * nibh, 12V, 1a

    I install * Set Tools

    Make-Up I * Vanitas est Speculum Heroicum Gloria

    Geminus-10X Magnification Faced * I Speculum Heroicum (I parte stet 10X, prorsus nihil Alius 1X)

    User Libri I * Speculum Heroicum Hollywood cum Gloria

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    UserCrystal Garcia

    5.0 out of 5 starsGood

    February 5, 2020

    Purchase Verified


    Price is great and big cute for vanity the lights are bright but I could use a but brighter but for the value amazing this is the second one I got since I had to exchange the first one the charger went out but second one works good