A makeup mirror that every girl deserves

Makeup mirror? So the name Siyi is a mirror for makeup, so what is the difference between it and an ordinary mirror? Why do boys need makeup mirrors?

Why do boys need it? Because the vanity mirrors in many places are often very dark.
People in low light can’t shave, basically blind shave, even if the light is sufficient after opening the door, but the distance is far, it is still impossible to see close.

Therefore, every girl must have her own makeup mirror, so as a boy, his purpose is to shave, and to cut his nose.
So what I brought today is the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror-L615. The appearance is still simple in silver and black. It is an ornament everywhere.


The super-large 27.6-inch*21.7-inch square mirror can easily illuminate your upper body, surrounded by soft-lit LED bulbs to illuminate your beauty.
Make your desktop cleaner, the base is also a storage area, you can easily put lipstick, ear studs and other commonly used cosmetics on it, so that you can save time for makeup in the morning and no longer look for it in your box.

The base is equipped with a silicone anti-skid pad, which can be easily placed on a smooth table without sliding.
The mirror and base are separated when you open the package for the first time, but the installation is super simple, everyone knows it, and the installation can be completed by screwing on the screws.

L615 is equipped with three touch buttons. Press the middle button to turn on the light. The left button can choose between warm light/daylight/cold light, and the right button can adjust the brightness of the light. The light is soft and not dazzling. The brightness of the light has a memory function, and it will be automatically adjusted to the previous brightness when it is turned on next time, which is convenient for us to use.
In addition to being used as a makeup mirror, it can also be a Selfie fill-in light, which can be used to fill in the light during Selfie, or to shoot videos.

Post time: Sep-25-2020