A new story about makeup mirrors, Feishnai’s strong attack

1-1BM3F-主1011In terms of beauty and make-up, everyone has always been concerned about skin care products and make-up products, but few people pay attention to mirrors. But even if you use the best cosmetics, if the mirror display is not clear enough, the makeup will be a mess. Jianyuanda Mirror Industry Co., Ltd., as an enterprise in the cosmetic mirror industry for more than 10 years, has in-depth insight into the needs of consumers, invested huge research and development funds, and successfully introduced LED backlight technology into cosmetic mirrors, and quickly gained market recognition. Sell ​​well in more than 30 countries and regions in Europe and America.


Breakthrough in usage scenarios

Mirrors have long been an indispensable part of people’s lives, but since the change of mirror materials from bronze to glass, there has been no technological subversive innovation, just repeating the optimization of decoration on the mirror frame. The fundamental reason is that this category has a relatively long service life, and the user’s desire to update is not strong, and it does not iterate as quickly as mobile phones, so there are few innovations in the mirror function. Therefore, in order to achieve a new breakthrough in the makeup mirror, its foundation is to meet the strong needs of users in the scene. For a long time, the core application scene of makeup mirrors is indoors, so it is obvious that the lighting must be polished and breakthrough more carefully in order to win the recognition and choice of consumers.

When consumers buy cosmetic mirrors, the most important thing is to tidy up their appearance, in other words, to see clearly. But indoors, because of insufficient light and deviation, it is easy to cause uneven makeup, insufficient makeup, and residual unloading. After putting on makeup, users have to go out to participate in various social activities, sometimes in the outdoor daylight environment, the lighting is neutral; sometimes in the evening when participating in indoor activities, the lighting may be warmer or warmer. The makeup rendering effect under different lighting scenes is different, so it is not only necessary to be able to see clearly, but also to be able to clearly know the effect of the light displayed under the lights of various occasions.


The Feisine light makeup mirror also has three lighting scene modes, which meet the user’s scene to the greatest extent:

Cold light mode: LED color temperature of 6500K, suitable for office workers to use when they draw cool colors in the workplace

Natural light mode: LED color temperature 5500K, suitable for makeup and skin care during daily shopping and outdoor sports

Warm light mode: LED color temperature 4500K, suitable for evening makeup or for appointment or party makeup

In order to see clearly, the second scene of the make-up mirror is naturally to paint details, especially for particularly eye-consuming operations like applying eye makeup. The 5x magnetic magnifying glass of Feishernai is simply a sharp tool for eye makeup, acne, blackheads, and cosmetic contact lenses. The magnification is large and clear, and the light and thin lens body is comfortable and can be used at any time. Adsorbed on the flat mirror, and put it on the go. It conforms to the design concept of the fusion of Fesner design and practicality.


ID design breakthrough

Good design works are those that make people’s lives happier. In terms of product design, this is the most admirable part of Phillips, which is to insist on originality and not blindly follow the trend. As a leader and pioneer of the industry, because there are no ready-made products and experience to learn from, they often encounter various unimaginable problems. “But from the first day of design, we have always insisted on being original, and have not followed the trend, insisting on making the product positioning and decision-making that we think is the correct product. From the extension and iteration of each generation of products, everyone can see that Fesner has been Continuous improvement.” said Liu Shaojia, general manager of Fesene.

Philippe has taken great pains in industrial design, taking design as a feeling, a state of mind, a comfortable and happy lifestyle. The industrial design team INDARE Design Co., Ltd. is a young and creative team in Shenzhen. They have an average age of 25. They have won more than 40 global design awards in just two years of establishment, including A number of German Red Dot Awards, IF Design Awards and American IDEA Design Awards, etc. Because they dare to think, do, and try, they have given us many new functions on the basis of traditional mirrors. They examine life from their own unique perspective, firmly believe that life is not always what they see, and are more eager to explore their own lifestyle.

Post time: Jan-12-2021