BEAUTME LED makeup mirror, looking for the most beautiful yourself!

Recently, data from authoritative organizations show that 80% of women in the world spend 15 to 20 minutes looking in the mirror every day. We know that if you look perfect during your daily makeup, but it’s not like that when you go outside, what’s the matter? After research, we concluded that the main reason for this problem is that the indoor light source is different from the outdoor. How can we solve this problem? LED makeup mirror is a good choice.

With the increasing demand of women for LED cosmetic mirrors, many LED cosmetic mirrors have appeared on the market. Today, I would like to recommend this new product “BEAUTME LED makeup mirror” which has just been launched.

Appearance and accessories:

This time, the BEAUTMELED makeup mirror still maintains a simple style, very simple packaging, very recognizable, low-key and luxurious!

After opening the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror package, you can see the base and accessories on both sides of the protective foam inside, and then you can see the mirror, and the mirror and the base are protected by a dust cover, which is very intimate!
After continuing to open the box, take out all the items. The BEAUTME LED makeup mirror includes accessories: mirror, base, power adapter, base mounting screws, wall mounting screws, manuals, in addition to a custom 10X magnifying glass , Very sweet!
Appearance and operating experience:

The BEAUTME LED makeup mirror adopts a 36.7-inch high-definition silver-plated mirror, which can restore your image 100% real, and will not be slightly deformed like some makeup mirrors to please your vision.

Available in three colors: silver, white, and black, it is very in line with the current mainstream aesthetic concept, simple, refined and high-quality.

The BEAUTME LED makeup mirror is like a work of art at home. This time, the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror uses a 36.7-inch mirror surface, which can shine on your upper body, making makeup and dressing easier, simple and exquisite appearance, and the simplicity of modern home The aesthetics fit perfectly; the frame is made of aluminum, and the details highlight the quality. In addition, the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror chassis also has a storage function, which can store small objects such as lipstick, perfume, bracelets, etc., which are not easy to lose.
Lighting effect:

Because the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror uses 12 LED bulbs, it adopts a ring-shaped illuminating and shadowless design. The high color-rendering bulbs are driven at both ends, and the light passes through the light guide dots to evenly light the entire face, restoring the real eye makeup and lip makeup The color prevents the makeup from being too heavy and makes the base makeup more transparent and natural. In this way, you are not afraid of a situation where certain parts of your face will be “heavy” due to lighting problems.
The BEAUTME LED makeup mirror chooses E27 high-brightness LED bulbs. The comprehensive general color rendering index Ra is as high as 92%. The light is natural and real, which can present accurate color rendering and restore delicate and true colors. The BEAUTME LED makeup mirror is also specially equipped with infinite brightness adjustment. 300lux~1900lux is suitable for daily skin care in the evening, daily makeup in the morning, fine skin care and detailed makeup use. Long press can adjust the light and shade to meet different makeup and skin care needs.

In terms of mirror surface, the BEAUTME LED makeup mirror uses high-definition silver mirrors, which can restore the texture without distortion, ensure that the facial details such as pores and red blood are more detailed and clear, and effectively restore the real and delicate makeup.

Post time: Sep-14-2020