Best Hollywood makeup mirror that can illuminate your beauty in 360 degrees

At present, there are various types of makeup mirrors on the market, large and small, round, and different functions. But makeup is a meticulous job, and the quality of a makeup mirror largely determines whether you can dress yourself beautifully.

This BEAUTME makeup mirror with light, it restores natural soft light, easily illuminates natural makeup, and has the most uses. It is loved by people around it. It integrates various functions and makes people love it.
Out of the box: It looks beautiful at first sight!

I have to say that appearance is the primary productive force! This is an age of looking at faces, people are like this, products are like this. First of all, when I received this BEAUTME makeup mirror with light, I was really attracted by its beauty. Just say this look is enough!

I opened this beautiful package with a happy mood. The accessories in the BEAUTME makeup mirror with light box are relatively simple, including a non-slip base, a large mirror, a 10x magnifying mirror, assembly tools and a power adapter.
Simple assembly: easy assembly and more worry-free!

What’s more gratifying in this process is that it can be assembled quickly for novices, so don’t worry, the assembly is very simple! The matte texture of the aluminum frame is not very eye-catching, a kind of low-key beauty.


Let’s look at the specific size parameter information of the product again, so that you have a more intuitive understanding.

The most intimate design in the BEAUTME vanity mirror with light is this 10x magnifying mirror. It can be attached to any smooth wall or used as a travel mirror, which is super convenient. During the makeup process, many details, such as the corners of the eyes, are difficult to observe how much strength is appropriate. And this 10x magnifying mirror is very useful at this time.
At the same time, the 10x magnifying mirror with lighted BEAUTME makeup mirror also helped me solve a major makeup trouble, because I was a little shortsighted, and unless I was very close when I was putting on makeup, I would not be able to see clearly. Now I have this magnifying mirror. , You can apply makeup without being so close.
Highlight function: soft light is true and not dazzling!

In addition, the soft light effect of this BEAUTME makeup mirror is also great, allowing us to see ourselves more naturally, very real. The light of the BEAUTME makeup mirror will illuminate every inch of skin and help us create a delicate makeup without worrying about heavy makeup.
In addition, the natural fill light of BEAUTME makeup mirror with light also supports stepless brightness adjustment, 3 kinds of light colors, to meet your makeup needs in various scenes, whether it is in the office or at home, it can respond well. The operation of adjusting the brightness of the light of the bear LED makeup mirror is also very simple. Long press the switch button to dim the light, and long press again to brighten the light.
Approximately 90ra high-definition color reproduction simulates natural sunlight, so it can be used as a self-portrait light, so you don’t have to worry about outdoor light anymore, so you can bring your own beauty filter when taking pictures! Another point is that it is a magical Selfie lighting, etc., which allows you to shoot as you want, regardless of whether the indoor lighting is bright or dark, allowing you to show the most beautiful side.


Summary: A must-have makeup artifact for the goddess!

As a delicate girl, this BEAUTME makeup mirror with light is indispensable. The highlight features such as 34-inch high-definition mirror, 10x magnifying mirror, and 3 color temperature stepless brightness adjustment are all very good, which gave me a big surprise. The market price of 179 yuan is extremely cost-effective. When you switch from an ordinary mirror to this makeup mirror, you will feel that you cannot do without it, because it simulates the luminosity and color of the sun, and you can clearly see every small detail and change on your skin, reminding yourself For better skin care, using it for a long time can surely supervise us to become more and more beautiful. It is worthy of being the leader in the world of net celebrity makeup mirrors.

Post time: Oct-26-2020