Good value BEAUTME bathroom mirror

Shop for our value-for-money bathroom mirror series. There are many different designs and sizes to choose from, ensuring that you can create the special atmosphere you are looking for. BEAUTME bathroom mirror can not only help you to do the daily chores in the morning, but also make the bathroom look more spacious and bright.


Provide safety film to reduce the damage to people when the glass is broken.

It can be used everywhere in the house and has passed relevant tests. It can be used in the bathroom.

See packaging for origin

Different types of fixing devices are required for walls of different materials. Please choose a fixture suitable for the walls in your home.

Can be used everywhere in the bathroom or home.


After testing, our bathroom with mirror is suitable for humid environments. It is not only practical for makeup or shaving, it can also make your bathroom look bigger. Add a 10X magnifying mirror that allows you to observe yourself up close to make sure that the effect you want is presented.

Post time: Sep-23-2020