How should move the mirror when move house?

When we move, the mirror is one of the more difficult items to disassemble, and it is much more difficult to pack and transport the mirror. The BEAUTME summarized some methods for carrying different mirrors, and hope it will be useful to everyone.
How to disassemble different types of mirrors

As a daily necessities in the family, mirrors can be found in every part of the family, and their functions are different. Our daily habits divide mirrors into three categories: bathroom mirrors, full-length mirrors, and desktop makeup mirrors. Different mirrors have different ways to move. Let’s talk about them:



1. Disassembly of bathroom mirror

Bathroom mirrors have become a must-have for every home decoration, and are one of the most practical types of mirrors. The installation of this kind of mirror is mainly fixed by drilling holes in the wall and tightening screws. Some households use smart bathroom mirrors, which require electricity. This bathroom mirror is basically a mirror that is easy to disassemble. The disassembly steps are as follows:

(1) Before disassembling, please turn off the bathroom mirror that has been powered on, and make sure to disassemble without electricity.

(2) Use a screwdriver to loosen the surrounding screws from top to bottom. When loosening the screws, a person needs to fix the mirror below to ensure that it will not suddenly fall off, and then use a screwdriver to remove the bathroom connected to the wiring port Mirror wires.

(3) Put the removed bathroom mirror on a soft object with bubble film.


2. Remove the full-length mirror

The full-length mirror is mainly a relatively long mirror, which is larger than other mirrors. The main types are wardrobe mirrors, independent full-length mirrors and wall mirrors. What needs to be disassembled is the wardrobe and the mirror of the cabinet, and some are also installed on the wall. The mirror that comes with the wardrobe, the cabinet mirror and the bathroom mirror are removed in the same way. Next, we will mainly talk about how to remove the wall mirror:

(1) First determine the material of the wall mirror to be pasted to the wall, basically using glass glue and foam double-sided tape.

(2) Use ice water, alcohol or a hair dryer to cool the glass glue to soften the glue attached to the mirror. It should be noted that when blowing glass glue, the hair dryer should not be too close.

(3) Use a utility knife to scrape the glue around the mirror surface, and then use a gear saw or cotton thread that is wider and longer than the mirror surface. Two people pull on both ends of the mirror surface to take out the complete full-length mirror.



3. Remove the desktop makeup mirror

There are also two types of desktop vanity mirrors: integrated with the desktop and independent, and different in size, but compared with full-length mirrors and bathroom mirrors, the disassembly is much simpler, we only need to disassemble the mirror assembled on the table. If it is not too large, there is no need to disassemble it. Only one step is needed for disassembly: loosen the screws around the assembled mirror, if it is a splicing card slot, disassemble it directly.

After reading the above about how to disassemble different types of mirrors when moving, I believe everyone can do well. Moving is a big project. Many people tend to ignore small objects such as mirrors. The damage is caused by carelessness. So when moving, each of us needs to pay attention in advance.

Post time: Oct-23-2020