Khloe Kardashian publishes Kendall Jenner’s similar mirror selfie

BM3-c7       Is it Khloe Kardashian or Kendall Jenner? That’s the question that the former asked when she shared her new mirror selfie on Instagram! In the photo, the 36-year-old was wearing a dark green sweatshirt and paired with Good American sweatpants, with her knees bent on her knees. She lifted the phone with one hand and put the other hand on her cheek because a pile of fitness equipment was behind her.
“This summer, when all this is over I will be ready,” she added subtitles to the epic snapshot.
After the picture was released, the followers quickly entered the comment area to see how the 25-year-old Khloe looked like the 25-year-old Kendall in the picture. One follower wrote: “I thought it was Kendall at first, not kidding.” Khloe wrote, “OMG stoooopppppp” with emoji. Another wrote: “I mean Kendall is your twin.” Kolo joked: “In my dream.”
One-third of the people agreed with this comment, “At first glance, I thought it was Kendall.” Krol said in a lively manner: “I skipped this comment.” The fourth admitted that they also think it is. Kendall, Koruo explained her thoughts, why it looks like her young sis.
“This is so funny to me. What a supplement! I guess when the phone covers more than half of my face, I look like her laughing out loud.” she wrote. “No, I really appreciate your compliments. I will put my phone in front of half of my face more often.”

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This is not the first time that Kolo compares the appearance of her sisters. The close mom also showed pictures very similar to her other sister Kylie Jenner in 2019 and 2020. In the first Instagram photo, her hair has dark roots like Kylie. Wear nude makeup and corset at the same time. Second, she is wearing a tie-dye hoodie and black leather skirt with black hair.
Khloe pointed out her views on the latter photo in the subtitles. She wrote: “I look very young in this picture.” “I like it. Haha, maybe it’s a hoodie?!”

Post time: Jan-15-2021