The multifunctional makeup mirror can not only adjust the light, but also can be hung on the wall.

Nowadays, there are many new things appearing in our field of vision, giving us a lot of novel experiences. There are multiple functions in an object. It is only because of the influence of technology that we can get multiple experiences and save us. then let me take a look at the versatile makeup mirror.

In terms of its appearance, what I want to say is that it has a very simple and beautiful silver color, which makes us feel more comfortable when using it. It is composed of two parts. The top is a mirror and the bottom is a base. , Very lightweight, it will be more suitable for girls.
Its size is very large, 23.6 * 20.9 inches, and its function is far more than just a mirror. 14 LED bulbs are installed around it, which can fill light when looking in the mirror, so that it is not necessary Turning on the chandelier in the home can also save electricity.

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The lamp inside it uses a 16.8W device, so it saves electricity when used, and consumes very little power, but there is no doubt about the brightness, and it can be guaranteed in dark conditions. You can get very bright light under makeup, and you can adjust it when you use it during makeup. Since the touch control system is used on it, if you want to switch the light, you only need to touch it.
Because of its beautiful appearance, it can be placed in your own room as an ornament, and can also enhance the style of the room, and the mirror design is also a very simple square, will not change our shape, only Will see the most real face in the mirror, which can help us avoid some more embarrassing situations. Some people may make the puff thicker, and can’t notice it in the usual dim environment, but it’s out. It will be more awkward after the door.

Since its brightness can be adjusted, it is only necessary to adjust it to a brighter situation at night, so that it can be used as a small night light to help us illuminate in the dark, and the internal light is relatively soft It will not cause damage to the eyes, so you can use it with confidence. You can find the light that suits you by touching it, and it can also be used as a light to adjust the atmosphere of the home.

I think this multi-functional makeup mirror adopts a touch control system, which is a good interpretation of technology, and can also show its intelligence. When using it, turn on the fill light to get a clearer illumination environment, and For us, it will provide great convenience. It is an artifact for home use. What do you think of the various functions of this makeup mirror?

Post time: Nov-03-2020