What is the difference between a vanity mirror with lights and an ordinary mirror? You will understand after reading 3 o’clock

When we put on makeup every day, we always look in the mirror.

Many Hollywood stars use mirrors different from ours.

A makeup mirror with light, and then the question arises, what is the difference between a lighted makeup mirror and a normal mirror? Is it really necessary to buy a lighted makeup mirror? I believe you will understand after reading the following three points.


1. The basic principle that the light of illuminated makeup mirrors and ordinary mirrors is different from ordinary mirrors is to reflect the original light, and the surrounding environment can be directly reflected in the mirror.

If your surroundings are darker, the reflection in the mirror will be darker.

Therefore, most of the time, our makeup method will be heavier, the hands will be heavier, and the painted makeup will be thicker.

2. The size of makeup mirror is different from ordinary mirror.

If you put an ordinary mirror on the dressing table, it will basically not change and can shine on the upper body.

Professional makeup mirrors can not only magnify facial features, but also determine the makeup method and upper body area according to your own size.


Therefore, compared with ordinary mirrors, makeup mirrors are indeed more suitable for makeup and styling.

3. The makeup mirror can restore your beauty value, because our mirror is only a reflection of a certain environment, because our makeup is basically done in the room, but the makeup is basically done under natural light or sunlight. So makeup is slightly different, and ordinary mirrors can only show your makeup in the room, so it is very necessary to use makeup mirrors.
In fact, there are many types of makeup mirrors on the market, but the quality of makeup mirrors varies.

The vanity mirror with shower can restore 97% of the sunlight, and it uses multiple high-brightness bulbs to ensure a 97% reduction in sunlight.

The light source is also specially treated to restore 97% of the sunlight as much as possible.

Therefore, under this kind of light, the eyes will not feel very excited. It can also be used as a simple small table lamp on the dressing table. It can be said to accomplish many things in one fell swoop: cold light, natural light and warm light.

Three different lighting effects can ensure that you can draw a perfect atmosphere in different relationships. The makeup created by the three different lighting effects will be different on any occasion after installation.

You can choose according to the makeup you like or want to show.
The touch design is very convenient.
However, a professional led makeup mirror can restore more than 97% of the daily brightness, ensuring that you can complete as many natural atmosphere makeup as possible in a fresh environment, making your makeup look more delicate and natural.

To draw delicate makeup, start with a good mirror! Women should treat themselves well.

First, they must love themselves before others will love them.

Post time: Sep-16-2020