With the help of BEAUTME makeup mirror, it seems that I have a professional dressing room and welcome every day with delicate and beautiful makeup.

The goddesses always can’t avoid the lack of light source when putting on makeup, which is really uncomfortable. The lighting at home is often installed in the center of the room. When we look in the mirror, it is easy to turn our back to the light source, which will make our face appear dark when looking in the mirror, and it is difficult to accurately distinguish the color. Careful cleansing of the face or makeup can have a big impact.
In order to avoid the dull face when looking in the mirror, and to better see your makeup, you can install a mirror headlight on the beauty mirror. When looking in the mirror, our face will look very clear, creating a “professional makeup” at home. between”.

The BEAUTME makeup mirror with light is specially designed for makeup to fill up the light. The light is uniform and soft, and the natural makeup feels excellent. It also has high color rendering index light to help shape flawless makeup.

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BEAUTME makeup mirror generally has a color rendering index of 96Ra, which is comparable to natural sunlight color, high-definition sunlight color rendering, and perfectly restores the real makeup color, making the skin more natural and the makeup more flawless.
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The thin and large BEAUTME makeup mirror has high appearance and can be wall-mounted without occupying the space of the makeup table. It can be used not only in the bedroom, living room, but also in the bathroom to meet your needs. BEAUTME makeup mirror has a large and even luminous area, which can make facial makeup more comprehensive and three-dimensional when applying makeup. There is also a 10X magnifying mirror with a magnetic device, you can carefully see every part of the makeup.



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Light has a great influence on makeup effect. Sometimes, after putting on makeup, it looks good indoors, but when you go outdoors, either the foundation is too white or the eyeshadow is too heavy. These are all caused by the light. Warm or cold lighting will affect the makeup effect, it is best to use natural light for makeup. The BEAUTME makeup mirror lamp has a high color rendering index, comparable to daylight, and highly restores complexion. At the same time, it has a rich use scene and can be used in dressing tables, toilets, cloakrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other places.
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I don’t have a special dressing room at home. I usually worry about putting on makeup. I’m lazy and don’t want to get up early on weekdays. I go out in a hurry. I usually solve it quickly behind the door or in the bathroom. These places are often very dark and lack of light, resulting in unsatisfactory makeup. There is also a mirror in the bedroom, but getting up early and turning on the headlights will affect the other half who is still asleep. The BEAUTME makeup mirror helps a lot. It supplements the light for the mirror, and can freely adjust the brightness and angle of the light, so that every inch of the face can be illuminated, and there is no dead corner when applying makeup. After installation, you can also adjust the angle according to the desired effect. I can see clearly that the problems of heavy hands, floating powder, stuck powder or acne, and unclean blackheads can be avoided.
With the help of BEAUTME makeup mirror, it seems that I have a professional dressing room and welcome every day with delicate and beautiful makeup.

Post time: Oct-14-2020