Hollywood Vanity Mirror, Style Makeup Mirrors with Lights, Tabletop or Wall Mounted

پگهار ڪوڙ آئيني، بتيون سان منچ Makeup آئينن ۾، Tabletop يا ڀت سوار

5.0 out of 5 stars( 16 Reviews )

★ Smart touch sensor function,adjustable brightness lighting.warm yellow and daylight white could be convert freedem.

★ Professional makeup Mirror:Optic mirror and overall frame, the perfect size for makeup, grooming or dressing.

★ Attractive Design:Wall mounted or Tabletop disign.you could choose one as you like better.

★ Sturdy Construction and High Quality LED Bulbs – Strong, solid feel with metal frame and base, built to withstand heavy use. Gorgeous and superior reflective mirror built to last with top quality material. Non-replaced LED bulbs with 50,000 hours life span; no need to replace the bulbs.

پيداوار وڌيڪ تفصيل


پيداوار ٽيگ

پگهار ڪوڙ ائين سان بتيون


هن BEAUTME ووڊ ڪوڙ آئيني جي جديد ڪوڙ تجربو-هڪ سلم ۽ sleek موجود اوڀڙ رليا مليا جوڙجڪ ته هڪ ڀرپور مهيا ڪري، ڪڏهن به نظم ۽ ڏسن ته ائين سوچ جي وضاحت آهي. ته ڀرپور Instagram selfie کڻڻ لاء ڪنهن به لھڻ تي makeup درخواست، گهر يا ور-به لاء موزون!


BEAUTME- Attentively ڌيان جي product2 جي هر تفصيل ڪر

Earrings پائي

ڪپڙن تبديل ڪريو

حسن Makeup

Hairstyle ڊيزائن

TABLETOP / ڀت سوار ائين

Using- 1 جي ٻن قسمن) ميز تي makeup ائين ڪر، 2) اونڌا thewall تي ڪعبي rror

L606 (1)

ميز تي makeup ائين استعمال ڪريو


ڀت تي ڪوڙ ائين سڪتي

مصنوعات جي ڄاڻ

بتيون سان هلندڙ ڪوڙ آئيني ڀلي پاڇي جي وڏا ھٿ ڪرڻ جي ڏينهن جي روشني ڪرڻ جي نور کي مستحڪم ڪري سگهن ٿا. ، اعلي معيار المونيم جي فريم جي ڪيائين، مضبوط بيڪار ۽ varnished tinplate ڌاتو طئه ۽ بنيادي طور ان کي ميز تي sturdy رهڻ جي اجازت ڏني. Glossy seamless splicing طئه ائين وڌيڪ تيز-گريڊ ۽ خوبصورت بڻائي.

14pcs dimmable led bulbs,perfect to be usded for Cosmetic,clean-shaven,Dressing and Dry Your Hair. Yellow warm lights and daylight can be adjusted as you needed,Keep your beauty always.

L606 Replace bulb (3)


بجلي، فيشن ۽ ماحولياتي تحفظ کانسواء.

L606 Replace bulb (2)


Aluminum frame and aluminum base,many times grinding process,make the mirror more durable and beautiful


جوابي رابطو ڪنٽرول

1. ڪن ڳاڻون ڏينھن خفيف جي گرم نور / ڏينھن نور بند تي / ڦري ڦري ڪري.

2. جي نظم ديرو جي پورائي ڪرڻ لاء وڏيون رابطو ڪري وٺو.

مصنوعات حقيقي شاٽ

L606 (2)

L606 (3)

L606 (6)

L606 (4)

Product pack

6063 pack

Double corrugated paper thickened packaging > Inside thickened foam > Double packing four corner protection

  • نظارو:
  • اڳيون:

  • بجلي: 100-240V، DC12V / 1A پلگ ان ۾ adapter

    آيل بتيون رنگ: گرم ڦڪو نور (3200k) ۽ اڇو ڏينهن نور (6500k)

    شيشي جي سائيز: 598mm (آيل) * 498mm (ح) (23.54 "* 19،6")؛

    پيداوار سائيز: 600mm (آيل) * 180mm (اوله) * 530mm (ح) /23.62 "* 7،08" * 20،86 "؛

    ائين وزن: 5kg جي باري ۾

    پيڪنگ تفصيل: EPE فوم + دٻي پيڪيج

  • تبصرا

    星星   ( 195 Reviews )  4.8 5



    يوزر  Taylor Vera

    5.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommend!

    April 11, 2019

    وجود خريد


    I looooove this vanity mirror! It’s so cute. It has light settings where you can change the lights, and it’s just a great product, especially for beginners just like myself.




    يوزر  Jennifer Hope

    5.0 out of 5 stars Looks and works nicely.

    April 30, 2019

    وجود خريد


    Emailed the company asking to buy more lights for this mirror. They have responded and I did receive enough bulbs to replace them all. I am more than pleased with this company and recommend them . It is a lovely mirror and I love it!!



    يوزر  Brandye

    5.0 out of 5 stars Yas!!!! I love my mirror

    March 17, 2019

    وجود خريد


    Super Frickin Cute!!!! I been through hell and high water trying to get a mirror for my vanity. Tried a different company outside of Amazon and they took a month to even attempt to deliver. We found this beauty and got it cheaper and within a few days. I do plan on going bigger but this will definitely work.



    يوزر  Bernie

    5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful vanity mirror

    August 31, 2019

    وجود خريد 


    I love this mirror. Makes my beauty room look like a salon. Arrived very well packaged. It was very easy to set up. Just what I envisioned.



    يوزر  Denisha Cobb

    5.0 out of 5 stars Must have!!

    May 28, 2019

    وجود خريد 


    I absolutely love this mirror!!! It is perfect and well worth my money! I like how versatile this mirror is. I can hang it on the wall or I can let it stand on my vanity table. Also the different shades of light is perfect as well. I can do studio room or yellow light. Purchase this today too will not regret it!!