Hollywood Style Lighted Tabletop Makeup Mirror, Touch control Large Cosmetic Mirror

Hollywood Style Lighted Tabletop Makeup Eunteung, kontrol Toel ageung kosmetik Eunteung

5.0 out of 5 stars ( 13 Reviews )

★ 34 ” x 27 ” oversized desktop makeup mirror, It can occupy your entire dresser.

★ Energy-saving LED light bulbs: Free 12 Dimmable LED bulbs, It is replaceable design, therefore you could replace the led bulbs anytime.

★ Support 2 USB Ports for Charging: There are 2 USB ports on the mirror, 5V/1A and 5V/2A

★ Smart Touch Control Design – Simply turn on/off the light by touching the sensors. Long press to adjust the brightness you want , which even more energy saving.

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  • Kelir sadia: pérak, bodas
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    The large desktop Hollywood style mirror can use together with friends and share the fun of makeup!



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    anting Maké

    robah Baju

    Beauty Makeup

    cukuran Desain

    Desain anca nyadiakeun malah katerangan sampurna sarta kajelasan spektakuler alus teuing. Ieu Idéal pikeun aplikasi makeup di imah atawa setélan profésional!

    Hollywood Lighted kasombongan Makeup Eunteung kalawan Lampu ageung ganti baju Table-luhur Beauty Mirror1


    Led Bulbs,Save electricity, fashion and environmental protection



    Sleek and elegant design and rugged wooden base



    It can charge mobile phones and mobile power.

    Penting kasombongan eunteung Pikeun selebriti jeung seniman makeup


    leuwih seueur inpo produk

    The mirror is made of aviation aluminum frame and wooden base. The smooth seamless stitching frame makes the mirror more upscale and beautiful.

    Why do celebrities have to use this makeup mirror to make up?

    When faced with enough light to ensure that the color of the makeup is uniform, the light does not form a shadow.

    The light is soft, no glare, easy to apply, and the surrounding distribution can be filled with light. Show the most beautiful you.

    The touch switch can easily adjust the appropriate brightness according to the environment.

    Twelve LED E27 replaceable bulbs. Use the bulbs that are common in the market, no need to worry about replacing the bulb



    Product pack

    6063 pack

    Double corrugated paper thickened packaging > Inside thickened foam > Double packing four corner protection

  • Saméméhna:
  • Hareup:

  • Ketik: kosmetik Eunteung

    Gaya: Desktop gaya Eunteung

    Wangun: Square

    Pigura Bahan: Aviation - Kelas Aluminium

    Sisi: Single

    Pagawean: Silver

    kakuatan: Colokkeun-di

    Kacaangan: adjustable

    LED hurung warna: Waktos

    Bulbs: 12pcs

    Powered by: 12V / 2a DC

    Pigura Ukuran: 86cm * 69cm * 20cm

    Ukuran eunteung: 75cm * 55cm


    1 * Eunteung

    1 * 13pcs blubs 12V LED

    1 * DC adaptor

  • nu make Tawnya

    5.0 out of 5 starsStunningly elegant mirror!

    December 4, 2019

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    This vanity mirror is absolutely stunning! Pictures do not do this mirror justice!!! Reading through other’s comments, they had stated that they thought the light was not bright enough…I thought is was bright! I love the fact that you have two ports to plug in your phone or music or whatever you would like while getting ready. I also love that it is a touch screen to turn on. It also comes with a small 10x magnifying mirror that is magnetized on the mirror (you can take off) for the close details. It is simply just an elegant and awesome vanity mirror to any women’s collection. Would highly recommend! Thank you!!



    nu make  CopeFam.

    5.0 out of 5 stars